Digital Abstractions

Though recognized for his highly textured, painterly style, Andrew likes to delve into a variety of mediums. Digital abstractions are one of his favorites. “Getting the right balance of colours, shapes, contrast and visual motion is what it is all about for me – and then letting the imagination interpret what you see as a viewer is the adventure. My paintings initially evolved from an abstract style. The loosely painted forms in the gardens and landscapes that I call ‘eco-scapes’ give the viewer a ‘handle’ to begin from, but I always hope that the imagery draws them into the very intricate blending of colours and textures of both the foreground and background. The backgrounds are actually abstract paintings unto themselves and require all the same characteristics of these digital abstractions to be successful.”

Some of Andrew’s digital abstractions are now available for purchase as NFTs on – follow the link to check them out!

The “Gemini Women – Triangles” series is a series of different-hued abstractions based on a fractal rendering of an original digital design by the artist. Click on an image to see a larger version.

Gemini Women – Triangles #3

Gemini Women – Triangles #4

Gemini Women – Triangles #5

The “Phoenix Risings” series symbolizes new life and birth. Each hue emotes a different mood. Click on an image to see a larger version.

Phoenix Rising – Feeling Blue

Phoenix Rising – Golden Dawn

Phoenix Rising – Sunset Red

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