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NEW! A selection of Andrew’s paintings and digital art are now available in digitally enhanced versions for purchase as NFTs on Opensea.io.

British-born, Canadian, Andrew Neil Olscher has been a professional digital and fine artist for almost 30 years and a musician for over 50 years. His bold, thickly textured, acrylic paintings, photographs and digital prints have been purchased and shown by private and corporate collectors and galleries locally and internationally.

Intrigued by the emerging digital art technologies of the 1990s, Andrew began combining high-resolution, digital scans of his traditional oil pastels, acrylic paintings and photographs. With the wizardry of digital painting, photo compositing, and computer manipulation, Andrew produced several series of high-quality, original digital art. He became one of the first Canadian artists to have his large-format digital work printed with archival quality inks on the high-resolution,  ColorSpan  printer at Toronto Image Works. In June 2000 a selection of Andrew’s prints were published in Silicon Valley North’s  “PIXEL THIS” feature – a “showcase of the best and most talented digital artists in the Greater Toronto Area”. Now, once again on the technological cutting edge, Andrew is offering an increasing variety of these original digital works, later works, as well as digital adaptions of his trademark, highly textured, acrylic paintings as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) at OpenSea.io. Follow this link to see what is currently available for purchase! Follow this link to view some of his paintings.

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