More About the Artist:

Andrew is also a musician, an alumnus of Queen’s University and was a scholarship winner to the Banff School of Fine Arts. His trademark, colorful acrylic paintings, digital art and photographs have been presented in Toronto as a part of’s “Group of Eleven”, including noted Canadian artists Ken Danby and Berge Missakian and one of Asia’s finest watercolour artists, Stephen Yau. Andrew’s work was also exhibited at the “Village of Hope” in association with the United Nation’s conference on small island development in Barbados and at the Toronto International Art Festival 2001.

Andrew has participated in a variety of group shows which have included such noted artists as Norval Morrisseau, Fred Hagan, Brent Townsend, Tim Packer, Michael Dumas, Toni Onley and Canadian Art Partners. A selection of his paintings can also be viewed at Gallery On The Lake,  where he was one of the “hottest selling” artists of the 2006 season and has been showing his artwork for close to two decades. Queen’s University also holds a sizable collection of Andrew’s work which is featured in various locations, including The Faculties of Law, Education, Arts and Science, School of Business, Department of Advancement and School of Music. His stock photography, digital and fine artwork have been featured on magazine covers, as illustrative materials for periodical content and for countless other commercial applications, many with a worldwide distribution.

“Many people like to ‘pigeon-hole’ artists and in some cases think that commercially oriented artwork is somehow a lesser form of art. I have a unique, and for some, an instantly recognizable painterly, fine art style that has been enthusiastically embraced by many viewers and collectors, but I put no less effort or value in creating something for a commercial venue. Attracting an audience and striving for excellence is what any art form should be about” says Andrew.   Contact Us:

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